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Marketing design business and designers discusses and explores the definitions and available systems to help with the business of marketing  design businesses and designers.  All businesses need to market themselves and sell their products. Designers need to as well. Word of mouth is not good enough to grow a business even when you are the best.

What is the Difference Between Marketing and Selling?

It is important to note that marketing and selling are two different items and two different skill sets.  Briefly, one  identifies the market and defines what products are suitable for that market and the other sells and uses those selling skills to the market or potential customer defined in that market.


A very simple analogy is fishing. Firstly identify the likely areas that fish will be in.  Then let them know that you are there with a tantalising offer.

Marketing a design business works with exactly the same principles that other marketing does but here it is quite specific. Using these articles listed below and other examples will help identify target markets. It will demonstrate promotional techniques and then follow on to selling techniques.

The designer as part of his business plan needs to develop a marketing plan and then in turn use that plan to identify who he or she sells his products and services to. It sounds so simple and yet 90% of small businesses (especially design business) go out there without a marketing plan, let alone a comprehensive business plan. In this section you should be able to learn the fundamentals of a marketing plan and systems that will help you grow your business market or at the very least identify that market.

There is a very old basic rule in marketing that applies to all products and services. This is the four P’s of marketing. It is a simple system to remember as a guide so that your are able to keep focused on the particular skill and get it down as a comprehensive plan and as a designer and business owner you need this skill. It also helps identify problems and solutions when as a commercial designer you are helping build someone elses business. (For example if you have been commissioned to design a restaurant in a particular area of a city then it will be very wise as the designer to be able to identify with the market).

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