Construction and Home Building Information for Interior Designers

As interior designers we would like to not have to learn about construction but unfortunately it is vitally important to interior planning and decoration.

After all we are working on top of the bones of a building.

So we have an article that is a good introduction for interior designers into construction.

We then cover all aspects of a building and how it is constructed, right from the foundations and substrate, which is what the building sits on, to the forces on building, what keeps a building stable.

Through the subject of construction we look at the skeleton of the building which is the framed members and structure, the openings in walls, which is vitally important knowledge for planning renovations which involve construction alterations.

Windows are the eyes of a building and we look at the ins and outs of these.
Glass, this obviously goes inside the window framing and allows us to see out and protects the occupants from the weather. Walls hold up the building and create spaces within the home.


Stairs provide a method for moving from one level to another and we look at the different construction types and the parts of a stair. For more detailed information on stair design visit the stairs website. The ceiling is an area that we often forget but it plays an important role in construction.
Sound control in the home today is a crucial aspect of building planning now that there are stereos, tvs and video games in almost every room of the home.

House insulation is a must for energy conscious people. Not only does it save you money but keeps the house warmer, cooler and dryer as well as reducing the amount of energy you need to consume. A win / win situation for people and the environment.

We also look at theimportance of proportion and balance in design. This makes an interior design look aesthetically pleasing to our eye.

We hope you enjoy learning about construction for interior designers with us.





Construction for Interior Design

Framed Members and Structures

Forces on Buildings

Sound Control

The Fibonacci Series

Porportion and Balance

The Golden Mean

Wall Openings


House Insulation

Foundations the Substrate

Color Consultant course

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