Project Management

Introduction to Project Management

In every interior design projects there are three major areas that need to be addressed:

Time frame

As a professional interior designer you will naturally think that design takes precedent but if the costs, time frames and quality are not given attention then all the time and effort put into the design may be spoilt by factors that could have been controlled.

Depending on your view, project management is often the boring part of the design process but is equally important as the design if smooth facilitation of the project is to take place.

There is a straight forward process to project management but the underlying rule is risk management. If you can identify all areas that are subject to risk (i.e. others assumptions and others decisions) and then plan to control, monitor and deal with those situations you will be well on your way to the basics of good project management.

This area of the web site refers to running a construction project but the same principals can be applied to the design process for interior design projects. Below you will find all the aspects of project management that you will need to get you successfully through your interior design project.




Elements of Project Management

Project Management Diary

Product Specification Supply

Why do you need a Contract

Requirements of a Contract

Starting a Design Project

Color Consultant course

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