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Interior Design Tools

The list is endless of interior design tools you need to make you a good designer. We learn so many useful design tools that we often overlook them when discussing things with our clients as we know them all by heart. Here are a lot of tools for you to use to refresh your memory and make it easier to explain design terms and processes to your clients.

The design process is a detailed explaination of how interior design and decorating works, the stages are simplified and provide a good reference to learner diy’ers or designers.

Measurements of the human body performing functions in the interior is essential information if you want to plan good working and living spaces for people.

These measurements are called anthropometric data and ensure that people can reach into shelves and see into cupboards, sit comfortably and move around furniture easily.
If you need to convert imperial measurements into metric you can find the factors to use here. One of the first places to start when looking at renovating is with a site measure, see step by step instruction on how to measure rooms and gather critical information before any design work can proceed.

The fibonacci series and the golden mean cover proportion and balance in design and are useful tools for designing with pleasing proportions and achieving a balanced look.

Design Tools - Anthropometric data - in millimeters

Anthropometric data – in millimeters

These days with the costs of renovations and building in general it is great to be able to view the design or alteration in 3d before you go about doing any building work. Using 3d plan modeling you can achieve this yourself.

Perspective hand drawing is another way to do this, you can learn how to do it here or you can try computer perspective drawing and see how much quicker it is using technology.

All design work needs to be priced or costed and the most common way is by asking a contractor for a quotation or estimate. Learn about the process of obtaining a quotation or estimate.

We hope these design tools help you with your next project and your design business. We will keep adding more.

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