Interior Design Construction

Basic Interior Design Construction Knowledge for Interior Designers

While interior design and decoration are the fun parts that make the interior’s aesthetics work, you still need a basic knowledge of how buildings and the items inside them are held together and constructed.

This is the nuts and bolts side of holding the interior that you design together.

This section of the website covers areas of construction and forces on buildings.

As with everything we need to have a foundation to work from and so it is with interior design.

If you don’t have the basic knowledge of construction and the language that goes with it in the building world, then it is like a table without legs, it’s a step or plinth rather than a table because the correct instruction hasn’t got to the person who has to build it.

interior design construction - A timber framed house on a concrete foundation

A timber framed house on a concrete foundation

The construction techniques and principals will also help you formulate practical ideas when designing. You can build or design almost anything but some things are more practical and economical than others and different techniques and finishes can give the desired or similar effect without the cost being prohibitive.

It is up to you to decide on the constraints if any and work from that.

So work through the topics in this construction section and you will be quietly surprised at how quickly your design improves from having a better understanding of how buildings go together.

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