Drawing Equipment

Drawing Equipment Requirements

A Clutch Pencil and Clutch Pencil Sharpener

The reason I prefer you to use this is that you are able to change the leads and the lead can be kept constantly sharp ensuring a clean line on the drawing, remember the cleaner the drawing the more accurate and impressive it will be if you intend showing anyone else.

The pencil should be cherished. It is your means of communication. Look after it and try not to lose it. As you practice this art you will find that this pencil is part of you and it is a badge of pride. No one but those who design, use them.

drawing equipment - clutch pencil

Clutch Pencil

Three types of Lead for the Pencil. 2H. HB and 2 B. The 2H are used for a preliminary line and layout. It is a hard lead and if used softly gives a light line that can be erased easily if a mistake is made. The HB is softer and is a useful lead for firming up the line. The 2B is a soft lead. It is used for all sketching and to heavy up certain lines on a drawing. A heavier or darker and fatter line always looks closer than a thin line so the differing weights will give depth and help with texture on your drawings.

A Pencil Eraser

drawing equipment - pencil eraser

Pencil Eraser

drawing equipment - ink eraser

An Ink Eraser

A Plastic Circle Template

These are readily available from your technical drawing store. They save a great deal of time as it reduces the need for using the compass to produce small circles or the arcs of door swings. In plan look at the door-opening symbol, it is a quarter of a circle.

drawing equipment - plastic circle template

Plastic Circle Template

A Furniture Template

These are readily available from your technical drawing store. It is much easier to use a template for fast layouts rather than hand drawing every item. Furniture because it is generally designed around the Human body is built to fairly standard sizes unless it is a special or specific piece. The templates that you can buy are generally accurate enough to plan with.

drawing equipment - furniture template

Furniture Template

A Compass Set

These are readily available from your technical drawing store. This is used to draw large circles or arcs with.

drawing equipment - compass set

Compass Set

More drawing equipment

Color Consultant course

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