Drawing Sheet Requirements

Drawing Sheet Requirements

On the drawing sheet the following information should be shown in the title block.

A revision/note/legend column

This is for notes put on the drawing after they have been given and used as a working drawing. Sometimes details have to be changed for the sake of practicality or cost etc and these changes have to be recorded (you are dealing with a legal document remember). The change to the drawing is briefly recorded here (as well as actually changing the drawing) with the date and the letter of change e.g. A, B, C etc is written beside it. It is good practice to get all old drawings returned when you issue revised ones to avoid any confusion amongst those building the project.

Other Design Consultants

If other designers such as engineers have worked on this project and your drawings are based around that consultant’s information then it is important to list them as well so that clarification can be sought from the correct people if needed.

Company Name

This should state the name of your company, your address and contact details. It’s a good idea if you have a company Logo to have it printed here along with a standard copyright protection clause and disclaimers such as

If there are any discrepancies in the drawings the contractor is to notify the designer immediately and not proceed with construction until written clarification is received.

Or another important clause

Contractor shall check and verify all dimensions on set out before commencing any work.

Everyone makes mistakes and this is a good form of risk management.

Project Title

The project needs to be named and addressed.

Drawing Title

The sheet needs to be named. If you receive a call form a contractor asking for clarification the first thing he will need to do is tell you which project, the sheet and the detail he is referring to.

Date scale and who drew the sheet

These are obvious bits of information for all using them as reference.

Project number and sheet number

This is for the office and contractors use. As your list of projects increases you will need to have a record and filing system for all the sheets of paper as well as with a large project an accurate indexing of the sheets.

Revision Letter

This refers to the note above. A revision letter is placed here each time a revision is made for quick reference to the correct sheet.

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