Plan Drawing Definitions

Plan Drawing and Document Definitions

Component Drawings

Component range. Drawings that show the basic sizes, reference and performance data for a set of components.

Component Details

These show how the component is to be constructed. i.e. specific features and finishes.

Standard Details

The component details that show construction information but are often used. i.e. they are used more than once in many situations and are an approved and tested method of construction.


These can be a simple sketch either to scale or not, simplifying the interpretation.


This is a drawing showing the type, number and any special features of many common elements such as doors and windows.


This describes all the legal standards and guarantees for the work to be completed to. It describes the standard in written form rather than in drawn form. It is a precise description of the materials and workmanship, e.g. to what standard is required, description of each part of the project.(doesn’t make sense)

Conditions of Contract

This refers to the legal aspects of a contract. It outlines the responsibilities of the principal (owner), the contractor (builder), and the engineer (Architect/Designer), to the contract.

Bill or Schedule of Quantities

A schedule of quantities is a document produced by a Quantity Surveyor that measures the components that make up a project based on the working drawings and specification. The components measured will include:




This is used for pricing a project by other quantity surveyors or those working for the contractors. They ensure that all components are priced in the same way. There is no interpretation that may lead to discrepancies in the accuracy of the pricing of the documentation. The contract rates are established in the schedule and therefore if any alterations are required to the project once started the cost associated with that alteration either addition or subtraction is easily and fairly obtained. It is not subject to the contractor saying that it will cost this much and the quantity surveyor saying that it will cost this much as the rate for each item is established and scheduled before the contract is let. It is very useful on larger projects but expensive to produce and uneconomical on a smaller project.

Contract Documents

These are the documents that have been produced to detail the project that the contract is based on. They usually consist of:

conditions of contract

the drawings

the specification

and sometimes the bill or schedule of quantities.

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